About Us

About Us

Assam, located to the far North East of India on the Himalayan foothills and along the Burmese border. This is the land of the one-horned rhino and the tiger, the land through which the mighty river Brahmputra winds its majestic course. It is the land of the Blue Hills.

The Assam Region produces more tea than any other region in India. Assam teas known for their strong, full, rich, full-bodied, pungent and sometimes malty bright liquor flavor. They are particularly popular as a tea to drink with breakfast in the morning.

Nested in Assam, is Duflating, the premium Orthodox and CTC producing garden.

Located in Titabar, Jorhat district and at an altitude of 100 meters above sea level along the Dhoodar Ali Road, the historical road of Assam and constructed by the then King Ahom of Assam.

The district capital being Dispur. The town of Jorhat is nearby and has a domestic airport which is connected to Kolkata, Guwahati, Imphal.

The district of Jorhat, has the most classical soil best suited for the cultivation of the finest teas grown in this region. That is why the Jorhat tea growing area is termed as ‘ASSAM GOLD TEAS’.

The estate provides employment to 924 permanent workers and 491 casual workers with the total population of the estate being 7536 people.

The Duflating Tea Estate is under the management of The Chamong Tea Company Limited located in Kolkata and operated by the Pasari family.

The estate of Duflating has been very successful in its quality and producing premium teas with a well-established mark in the country and now in the overseas.